Samples library

We have sampled a selection of original sounds and loops from the Korg MS20 and the ELKA Synthex.


Library format : EXS24 (Apple Logic), WAV

Loops format : AppleLoops, WAV

Some of our libraries are also available in AKAI MPC2000XL and Kontakt format.

Coming Soon : MS20

  • MS20 bass sounds in ESX24 and WAV 24bits/96kHz.


  • 24 bits 96KHz tone by tone recording (one note sampled, the next pitched, etc...).


  • Signal Flow : Little Labs LMNOPRE mic preamp through MOTU 896HD clocked by an Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX master clock.


  • No compression, no EQ (a headroom during recording allowed us to keep the original dynamic of the sounds)


  • The tunning was based on the C2 note to keep the slight pitch variation on extrem high notes.


  • Demo version in WAV 16bits 44.1kHz with 1/10 note sampled, the others pitched